20 random facts about me

Hey guys welcome to my blog where I bring you all the information about personal development, mental health and music.

If you have stumbled upon my website through Youtube, Instagram or whatever and are interested in knowing me a bit more, this post is totally for you.

I have gathered 20 random facts about me.

Read on!

20 Random facts about me

1 I am a Potterhead.

2 I use right hand to write and left hand to eat. So when people ask me if I am right or left-handed I often pause and go speechless.

3 If I use left hand to write I will write everything in the opposition direction. You can read it by putting a mirror next to it.

4 I know Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Japanese. But I’m not confident speaking Japanese.

5 I like to sleep with my eye mask on. Love complete darkness.

6 I love sneakers.

7 I love ramen.

8 I have never smoked or tried shisha my whole life.

9 Go-to drink: gin tonic.

10 I used to be a planner junkie but now I try to gradually reduce my stickers and washi tape collection. I only own a small moleskine now and I like to pair it with Notion to plan my life.

11 I love exploring new places and restaurants.

12 Favourite makeup product: eyeshadow.

13 I prefer to work out alone.

14 I don’t watch TV. Nor Netflix. Nor do I need a couch.

15 I like all kinds of face masks.

16 I don’t enjoy cooking.

17 Favourite Marvel character: spiderman

18 I’m not a believer of karma.

19 Top 3 cities: Hong Kong, Tokyo, London

20 I hate insects.

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