"9 years ago I graduated with a Commerce degree and headed straight to workforce without thinking what I really wanted to do with my life."

Maybe you can relate to this: the quarter-life crisis is REAL.


I have always loved music but you know how the story goes: everyone tells you music is a hobby which you spend leisure time and money on, not a career you earn a living with.


Combined with my traditional Asian background and upbringing, I became THAT book smart Asian kid who’s good at playing piano but was actually an accountant.


I continued to pursue CPA but the pressure of working and studying was too much to handle. I quit my first job cold turkey within 2 years then I panicked and joined the corporate gig again in a month. 6 months after I got certified I went back to my hometown. Again I hadn’t figured out how to turn my passion in music into career so I got ANOTHER accounting job.


Then something happened.


A series of protests broke out since June 2019 in Hong Kong (aka the place I call HOME) and it completely changed my life. Not only was I being grateful first time in my life that I was still alive, I also felt something within me was awaken.


I heard the calling clearly.


I could not ignore my inner voice anymore.


I wanted to use music to help young adults reduce stress, anxiety, depression and improve wellbeing.


I found the way to combine my passion in music with a healthcare profession.


Music therapy.


I hustled my way through since that day: after work I spent hours practising piano (read: recalling muscle memory) and researched everything under the sun about music therapy. I managed to get into the Master of Creative Music Therapy without a relevant bachelor degree.


A combination of hard work and luck.


Fast forward to today, I’m a registered music therapist, neurologic music therapist (NMT™️) and a new entrepreneur.


I literally make music while helping people improve wellbeing every single day.


I am my best version of myself – someone I dreamt of becoming all my life.

Despite the achievements I've made, I'm still a work-in-progress.

Personal development journey has no end. 


Now my everyday struggle is knowing that I am enough vs. constantly striving towards my goals.


It is okay to take it one step at a time. It is okay to change my mind.


Please join my journey and take a front row seat to witness my changes and growth as I navigate this thing called life.


We are all figuring out.


So why not just enjoy the ride? 🎢

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