birthday reflection: 2019-2020

I have been counting my blessings for real since my last birthday.

I was grateful to be just alive, and that was before the coronavirus hit us.

2019-2020 has been pivotal.

No, I don’t mean to talk about anything about how the pandemic has changed human beings. Following a series of chaotic incidents happened in Hong Kong in 2019, I decided to take the leap of faith. I went all in going after my one goal in life. The sense of purpose drove my forward, helped me go through every single obstacle I faced and landed me in where I am today.

No matter how traumatic our pasts seem, we can always change our narratives. We are in control of the meaning those events give us. During my lowest point last year, I found light. I found calling. I felt the strong burning and urgency to fulfil my vision. Everything changed from that moment. As a typical millennial I used to ask myself all the time what’s the meaning of everything that we were doing – a college degree, a profession, a job, a typical life. I found the answer. And I went full on achieving my goals, overcoming my obstacles. Our pasts don’t define us.

Last year, I was a CPA working in the fashion and retail industry in Hong Kong. I posted YouTube videos monthly. Life was draining me out. I was unsatisfied all the time. When chaos happened, I lost interest in doing anything. I was literally a body without a soul.

Today, I’m a student music therapist in Sydney. I am still a musician, and I post videos weekly. I’m also teaching handpan now, while I’m grinding every day to build my empire. I am resilient. I let nothing bring me down.

There is no overnight success. I worked damn hard for everything I have now. More importantly, because I have a strong sense of purpose, I have a crystal clear idea of my future self. From there, my current actions and behaviours are shaped. As Jeff Haden said in The Motivation Myth, our goals always choose our processes. We dream big, picture what our future selves look like, which give us new identities. We then reverse engineer what actions are to be taken today in order to make our dreams reality.

And no, we don’t dream and hope. We take action. We grind, refine our system, and get that 1% improvement every single day.

This is what I have been doing every single day since my last birthday. The changes in environment, the lockdown, and all the obstacles that came in my way didn’t stop me. Obstacles mean chances to come up with new solutions. Changes in status and identities mean refining my process. As another year passed and I’m moving closer to my 30s, I look back and realise how far I have come. To be honest, I’m still try to practise more of what I preach on my website, but one thing I did really well was to really dive into the process and enjoy the ride. And I was amazed every time and I put my head up to see my growth. I feel more confident. I feel more powerful. I know I am unstoppable.

I’m a firm believer in continuous learning and reaching full potential. I made it my life goal to do that. Every day, I show up, I make 1% improvement in everything a do. The compound effect brings me closer to my goal in an accelerated rate.

Still a work in progress towards a life with more love, power and freedom. Cheers to another amazing year ahead. Let’s be awesome! :