Can We Measure Quality Relationships? 🤔

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Here are Doable ideas, Reflections and Mindfulness to try out this week.

Doable ideas 💭

One way to reclaim your peace of mind and not get triggered easily: go through who you’re following on your social media accounts and unfollow those who make you feel uneasy, agitated or stressed. Hint: news, people from your past etc.


Don’t underestimate the information you consume “passively”.

Reflections 🪞

How am I taking care of my emotional health this week?

Mindfulness 🧘🏻‍♀️

How does music therapy reshape our identities and build our self-esteem?

A gift for you 🎁

I've noticed that a lot of people struggle to take control of their emotions (and their lives!), even after they've tried therapy and different self-care activities. I'm launching a scorecard to help people identify the best ways they can get the results they want even if they have high stress tolerance level. It's pretty simple: you answer some questions and automatically receive customised recommendations. I've only just set it up, so I'd really love some feedback please. Here's the link:

Ideas Worth Pondering 🧠

Can/Should we measure the quality of our relationships for better mental health?


Came across this article about longevity this week and it hit home.


I’m not sure about you, but I’ve been obsessed with tracking data for a long time (as I always like to say, data tells stories). Specifically on my sleep quality, weight, body fat, mood, basal body temperature and calorie intake.


If you look at my appearance, habits and career (and the data that comes with them), you might think I’m healthy and happy.


I spent most of my time in my 20s (I’m at the end of it) trying to improve my daily routines and mindset so that I can have a strong health foundation as I age (#nerd – honestly, who does that in their 20s?).


Does that mean I will live long? Does getting > 7 hours sleep 85% of the time, cutting off processed food, building a fulfilling career guarantee happiness and longevity?


I’m not sure.


Exactly as the article implied, we need to take care of both our physical and mental health.


It turns out that social connection and meaningful relationships play a big part in maintaining good mental health and preventing prolonged stress and depression.


Relationship is my downhall.


I knew this for a long time, and I felt the problem grow bigger over the pandemic, however it was never my priority until this year.


Let’s be honest here. I’m privileged – I have two parents, I have friends in both my hometown and here in Sydney, I’m not afraid of attending meetup events, and I worked on my attachment styles and mindset a lot in therapy. Oh, and I’m a healthcare professional.


That doesn’t mean I’m immune to setbacks in life.


And this time, I’m not sure if I should try to quantify relationships and track it like how I track other data – would 5 hours of hanging out with friends and going on dates be “enough” to build a strong foundation?


I’m not sure if it’s a healthy approach.


The only upside of tracking relationships I can think of, at least at this point, is that I’m now more mindful and intentional about how I spend my time and who I choose to spend time with.


That’s a good start, I guess?

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Check out this handpan cover of “Me and My Broken Heart” 🙂

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