Create Your Future Self 😇

Hey friends 👋🏻

Here are Doable ideas, Reflections and Mindfulness to try out this week.

Doable ideas 💭

Figure out your minimal performance optimisation routine. What are the 1-3 things that get you going no matter where you are?


For me, it’s early morning sunlight, movement and caffeine.


Totally possible to check all the boxes even when I’m on the road.

Reflections 🪞

Which life areas shall I put more attention to this week?

Mindfulness 🧘🏻‍♀️

I made it a mission to take a break this Easter. My friend came to Sydney to visit me, effectively saving me from hustling my way through the holiday.


It’s great not just to hang out with friend, but also to look at your city from a tourist’s angle and discover the joy in simple things.


Back to the whole point of mindfulness: enjoy the present moment.

Ideas Worth Pondering 🧠

I spent a whole morning reflecting on Q1 and setting “sprinting goals” for Q2 that will help me get closer to my annual vision.


Here is my summary of how I continue to create my future self:

  1. Vision is for direction. My annual goals guide my quarterly, monthly and weekly goals – talk about reverse engineering. The best plan is the one that lets you change your plans. Stay flexible in the approach but have your eyes on the prize.
  2. Be resourceful. What and who do I need to help me reach my goals?
  3. Prioritise actions. To ensure consistent action taking and high performance, routine and a little planning go a long way. My non-negotiables are workouts, language learning and early sunlight viewing. These habits enable me to publish video and newsletter weekly without fail despite how busy I am at work; and achieve some long-term goals. Some habits are part of self-care too, so while I’m sprinting through the quarter I don’t get burnt out.

Video This Week 🎥

Acoustic handpan version of “Firestone” by Kygo is here:

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Be awesome x