Do Everything to Protect Your Time, Energy and Attention (TEA) 🍵

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Here are Doable ideas, Reflections and Mindfulness to try out this week.

Doable ideas 💭

Your diet impacts your mental health.


Without getting into too much detail, define your well-balanced, colourful diet (as Dr. Amen says, food that loves you back). Keep your brain and gut happy, and you will feel so much better.


P.S. consult your healthcare provider and do your due diligence before committing to any “diet” 🙂

Reflections 🪞

What would I do if I didn’t care what anyone else thinks?

Mindfulness 🧘🏻‍♀️

2 weeks into not using Instagram and here is the most profound lesson I learnt so far:


You have to do absolutely everything you can to control your time, energy and attention.


or TEA, as I like to call it.


Everything comes with an opportunity cost, and we can never make perfect decisions because we don’t know the alternatives.


But there’s one thing I’m certain: I can do so much more instead of spending at least 1 hour per day scrolling social media.


That’s the real FOMO.


You’re not really missing out if you don’t care.


And you don’t have to give a damn about the news, your ex-colleague’s holiday or celebrity gossips.


Take information diet to the next level


Speaking of where attention goes, I also noticed just how much advertisements infiltrated our lives.


I don’t watch TV. I have music streaming subscription. I use ad-blocker for YouTube. And I cut off Instagram.


Yet, I still see and hear ads everywhere when I’m driving, shopping or even preparing for swimming (for God’s sake, stop playing the radio in the changing room).


The world keeps telling you you’re not enough and selling you stuff you don’t need.


You only have that much sh*t to give.


Remember the TEA framework – your time, energy and attention are limited resources.


Use wisely.

June Experiments 🔬

With the increasing mental clarity I got from quitting Instagram, I decided to give my best in creating personal development content on YouTube in the next 6 months.


This means no more handpan covers.


Here’s what you can expect from me:

This month is all about building the Do, Document & Distribute system – do life, summarise insights from weekly experiments, distribute via blog posts and videos.


Create more long form content and values for you, basically.

Ideas Worth Pondering 🧠

Everyone says “to understand someone’s intentions, look at their actions, not at their words.” Few people say: “to understand my own intentions, I must look at my actions, not at my thoughts.”
– Luca Dellanna

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