Martin Garrix Turned Me Down… 😟

what I really learnt from failure, and how you can learn better.

Thanos from Marvel series holding reality stone with caption "Reality can be whatever I want."

This week’s newsletter is all about thinking differently.


After all, reality is subjective….


It’s time to take on fresh perspectives, ask more “why”s, and seize more opporunities in life.

Today in 5 minutes or less, you’ll learn:

✔️ Why more rules will make us free

✔️ What qualities/values you actually admire and would like to embrace

✔️ Why concluding failure isn’t enough

Doable ideas 💭

Rules make us more free.


By limiting our choices, we prioritise things that truly matter and bring joy to us.



  • “I don’t schedule meetings before noon.”
  • “I don’t use my phone in bed.”
  • “I don’t eat more than a croissant per week.”


Freedom comes when you have more time and space for your own needs, your own goals.


What rules are you going to set for your future self?

Reflections 🪞

Who is a person who has deeply impacted your life? Why?

Mindfulness 🧘🏻‍♀️

I joined a music competition last year and didn’t get selected to go to Amsterdam with Martin Garrix.


My mum tried baking once from scratch and didn’t make a cake successfully.


If we concluded from the experience “we’just not good at X so we ain’t gonna try again”, imagine how much we would miss out in life.


We would stay in our comfort zone.


We would keep playing small.


Something I don’t see gets mentioned enough:


We have to learn the RIGHT lessons in life.


From there, deduce the principles that will serve us better in life in terms of making decisions and becoming our future selves.


“I have a lot of music composition and production skills to improve on, and I shall make it habit to write music every day if I want to be better at it.” 🎼



“I will select the right flour and find the least complicated cheesecake recipe to increase my chance of success.” 🍰


Find out how to think differently from “failures”, and whether I get to eat homemade cheesecake 👇🏻

Ideas Worth Pondering 🧠

Many people won’t attempt something unless they can find an example of someone else who is already doing it. Rely on this type of thinking too much and you’ll never do anything interesting. Your path through life is unique. It is important to extract lessons from the experiences of others, but you can’t wait for a perfect example to take action. You are the example.
– James Clear

P.S. I know, James Clear seems to have a quote for anything I say each week…

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