Measure Happiness Like This 🧐

Hey friends 👋🏻


Today we’re looking at 4 tools/frameworks to support your emotion regulation, so that you can live a more peaceful and fulfilled life. Read till the end for a gift I prepared for you.

Today in 6 minutes or less, you’ll learn:

✔️ How to recover (emotionally) from situations

✔️ Negative visualisation

✔️ Better ways to measure how happy you are

Doable ideas 💭

The quickest way to detach yourself from (negative) emotions:


Change your language.


“I feel sad”.

“I feel depressed.”

“I feel disappointed.”


Noticed the difference comparing to “I am sad”, “I am depressed”, or “I am disappointed.”?


You are experiencing certain emotions. But you are not them.


Detach yourself from your emotions → create distance from the situation → able to process and make better decisions


Respond, not react.

Reflections 🪞

Try negative visualisastion: imagine and mentally prepare for worst-case scenarios.


By naming the unknown and identifying the worst that can happen, you find solutions to mitigate it.

Mindfulness 🧘🏻‍♀️

I hope you didn’t set “be happier” as your 2024 goal.


Happiness is not a destination.


It’s just one of the emotions you would experience on a daily basis.


Maybe instead you want to measure how satisfied you feel, and how enjoyable life is.


Reflecting on my long, extensive tracking history, I found out a few “hidden metrics” that better indicate “how happy I am”: definitely not my bank account balance.


Get inspired:

Ideas Worth Pondering 🧠

Power is influence over external events. Peace is influence over internal events.
– James Clear

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You need to reallocate how you spend your most precious resources: your time, energy and attention.


I’d like to call it your TEA 🍵.

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