My encounter with handpan

how the handpan magic inspired me to create music, covers and this blog

It was November 2016.

I was in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong with my friend looking for a microphone on a Monday afternoon.

We crossed the road upon hearing the pedestrian light signal – it was crowded, noisy and busy.

Typical Hong Kong.

Suddenly I heard some music among the hustle.

Not too loud but it was coming from the crowd.


Then I saw it.

A westerner was playing a UFO-shaped instrument and there were some bells on his foot, adding texture to the music.

Time seemed to have stopped the moment I saw him.

The magical, calming sound from this instrument took me out from the busy world and brought me to some zen, peaceful jungle in my head.

As if everything didn’t matter anymore – my endless to-do list, chores and schedules – I fully immersed myself into the music, into a parrallel universe. I haven’t enjoyed peace for a long time.

That kind of peace was rare. Rare to find in Hong Kong, in your everyday life, in this information-overloaded world.

I never forget that feeling.

I have played piano and erhu but I never felt that way before.

At that moment I decided to get my hands on a handpan. I would become a handpan player.

I went home and did my research.

I learnt about its origin, price range and makers.

But I couldn’t afford one that that time.

Around one year later I finally decided to get a discounted item from Dave’s Island Instruments. Read more about the handpan I’m using here <insert blog post link> if you’re interested.

Today, I’m keen on using music to help millennials improve mental health and wellbeing. The magical moment of encounter handpan is something I want you to experience too – to find inner peace and order in the chaos. I believe in the magic of music and I hope you will experience it too.


P.S. if you are the guy from the video and you happen to have read this post please reach out to me – I’m forever grateful for the joy and peace you brought me and I want to say thank you:)

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1 have you seen a handpan before? what’s your first impression?

2 what do you expect to see more of me with my handpan besides song covers?


Venus x