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how I went from being a CPA to a music therapy student

Hey there.

Welcome to my website where you will find everything about music and personal development – more specifically, how music can help with personal development.

This website is dedicated to any music lovers and millennials trying to figure life out.

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert nor am I trying to be one – if you see posts of me giving advice or tips it’s because I have made my fair share of mistakes on something you’re going through now and if you see fit, feel free to take those advice.

This is my first blog post so I thought we might get to know each other better don’t you think? 🙂


about me...

I’m Venus and I’m from Hong Kong.

I’m a Libra (not that I believe in horoscope but there you go) and I like matcha drinks and desserts.

My whole life has been pretty standard and typical – after finishing high school public exam I went to Australia to pursue bachelor degree and secured myself a job before my final exam in uni. I was not the brightest student but I had never failed my exams. Academically my path was quite smooth if I was being honest.

Then the quarter-life crisis hit me hard.

I started to question everything in my first job. I wasn’t happy nor satisfied. Most importantly, I was lost. Why the heck did I choose accounting? Was I supposed to sit inside my cubicle, punch figures every day for the rest of my life? Was it really a right choice to stay in Sydney after I graduated? What did I really want with my life? At that point, I knew what I didn’t want but not what I wanted.

I quit cold turkey after 1 year and 8 months. I thought of quitting accounting and my CPA studies altogether and went back to Hong Kong. But what would I be doing otherwise? No idea.

At that time there was a small voice in my head asking me to go back to Hong Kong and walk with millennials eventually due to a social movement that broke out in Hong Kong during late 2014 (google “Umbrella Movement”). It pulled my heart knowing how much the next generation had to suffer due to poor government and policies. But what could I do? I thought of being a social worker but I didn’t have the relevant degree for a license. Then I started to wonder the posibility of starting a music career because that was the only hobby I had in my whole life. I had always enjoyed making and playing music and I could get lost in it forever.

But how?

How do you change career path from 0?

How do you know if it’s the right choice?

As people grow older they become more realistic and would measure the costs and benefits before making any decision. Some call it being careful, but to some it means being risk averse.

After one month of being jobless, trying not to spend all my savings and enjoying Aussie sunshine every other day, I got myself another accounting job.

Yep I had no idea what I was doing. I needed money, and I thought I would decide after I got qualified as a plan B.

And the problem with a plan B is that you won’t pay 100% effort to what you really want to achieve in life because you know there is a safe net at the bottom of the cliff.

Q_ goal setting

Eventually – after another 1 year and 8 months – I quit again and finally went back to Hong Kong.

But the loop didn’t end here – I still didn’t know what I wanted to do, and I got another accounting job within one month (you must be so fed up with this story by now). Yes I was with my family and friends again, but the longer hours and higher workload made me question every day what I was doing here, not figuring out my goals.


The Turning point

One year after I relocated to Hong Kong, a huge social movement broke out. It was still ongoing at this point of writing and the majority of the society experienced anxiety, depression and some even PTSD.

I woke up from the loop after inhaling the first tear gas shot in 2019.

It might not sound earth-shattering to you but given a rather peaceful and normal background I came from, it was the first time I experienced something close to war and instability.

I quickly learnt 3 things:

1 long-term life planning didn’t work.

2 If I didn’t establish the essential routines or incorporate hobbies in my daily life I might have lost my shits completely.

3 learning self defense is important.

It took me some time to get over it but eventually I picked myself up since I knew it wasn’t going to end any time soon. I would rather train and equip myself for the long war.

At the same time I found the true calling of what I needed to do – something that would combine my vision and my passion.

I wanted to be a music therapist.

It’s the perfect way of using music to improve the mental health and wellbeing of clients.

It also has huge potential to be tapped into and a niche for me to focus on.

Tell you what – making a decision is not that hard. it’s always the mental barrier that’s questioning everything and makes you worry about stuff that won’t really happen.

I spent a few months working really hard to recall my piano skills, learn guitar and improvisation. I also attended a psychology course online and an introduction to music therapy course for 10 weeks. During that period I still had a day job and there were a lot of protests going on. You could expect tear gas, rubber bullets and all kinds of police brutality on the news every day.

I’m not going to lie – I was really stressed and mentally unhealthy when I was preparing for audition. There was a lot going on. But I had one clear goal in mind and I would do anything to achieve that. At last, I failed one audition but passed the interview for another.

So here I am now, on the journey of ditching my CPA title and heading towards the dream life.

The journey...

I started this blog because I want to share everything I’m going through and I want to invite you to come join me in this journey.

Yes, no one is perfect – everyone is on the road of growing and achieving something but we can always learn a thing or two from each other regardless of our backgrounds, cultures and the goals we want to achieve.

And I want you to keep me accountable too. I want you to witness how I’m striving to live the life I want.

I encourage you to share your ups and downs with me so we can support each other 🙂

If you’re ready, welcome on board! Please leave your email below to receive latest updates from me. I promise it won’t be overwhelming :p

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