Never Stop Moving 👣

Hey friends 👋🏻

Here are Doable ideas, Reflections and Mindfulness to try out this week.

Doable ideas 💭

What’s the smallest thing you can do today to get closer to your goal?

Reflections 🪞

Reflect on a time when you felt mentally drained. What were the factors that contributed to your mental exhaustion? What could you have done differently to prioritise your mental wellbeing during that time?

Mindfulness 🧘🏻‍♀️

“Power is influence over external events. Peace is influence over internal events.”
– James Clear

Ideas Worth Pondering 🧠

Let’s be honest…


I did not feel like publishing a newsletter this week.


I fell off my content creation system (barely uploaded my weekly music video (see below)), I felt exhausted and I was dealing with grief.


But I also think it’s important to keep showing up, even if my newsletter would only impact one person.


This is when discipline comes in – I don’t rely on motivation. it will never come.


Another lesson is to ignore the excuses and do the damn thing anyway.


Knowing that A) feelings are temporary, B) you are never short of excuses leaves you with no choice but to keep going.


Applies to working out, practising instruments, and whatever long term persuit you have that requires time and effort.


Never stop moving.


Despite what’s going on in my life, I do hope that you’re having a good week so far, and you’re taking all the baby steps you need every single day for better wellbeing. 💛

Video This Week 🎥

Managed to film a quick video in the park in between the thunderstorm 😅

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