What I'm up to 👀

Here are my current core values:




They guide my decisions and behaviours.


Hi 👋🏻 

I’m Venus.

👩🏻‍💻 I’m a music therapist and content creator based in Sydney.

I play a few instruments, speak a few languages (including music!) and spend lots of time thinking about life. 

Sep 2023 Projects:

🤸🏻 kickup handstand

💼 expand private practice

💛 meetup w/ besties in a foreign country

🎥 do, document, distribute

💌 Currently on an Instagram sabbatical. You can get to know me on a more personal level through my DO-RE-MI weekly newsletter in which I share some DOable ideas, REflection prompts and MIndfulness tools for you to live a more intentional life.

What I was up to


updated on 20 May 2023

Currently taking a CBT-Anxiety course from Beck Institute to compliment my music therapy services. Also trying to grow my business without social media.


Journey 👇🏻🎢

Dec 2022

I finally did my 1st pull up!! weehee 💪🏻 (9/12/22)

 💼 Biz: create scorecard quiz for lead gen


Oct 2022

💛 Personal: do 1-3 pull up + lower body fat by 3%

💼 Biz: increase youtube CTR by 3%


Sep 2022

 Personal goals

  1. do 1-3 pull-ups
  2. learn & unlearn behaviours through therapy
  3. express core values in every piece of content I create

 Biz goals:

  1. publish 2 articles
  2.  publish 4 videos
  3. increase email open rate to 32% average


Oct 2021

Sep 2021

  • Research proposal (5,000 words, my final assignment of my Master of Music Therapy degree)
  • Prepare a physical product launch

Aug 2021

Jul 2021

February 2021
  • Test beta program
  • Finish psychology course on Coursera
  • Grow online presence
January 2021
  • On board students from music classes and program
  • Road trip
  • Finish reading “Unfair Advantage”

December 2020

  • market research for program
  • maintain weekly content creation: blog, newsletter, YouTube and Instagram
November 2020
  • test new content strategy on YouTube and Instagram
  • brain dump insights on Twitter
  • get more students and clients

October 2020

  • stay on top of study game
  • Benjamin Hardy’s 30-day future self mentorship
  • content for new instagram account @hustlersplaylist (go follow for everything about music, mindset & mental health) (on hold)
  • high-intensity morning capturing ideas & strategising

September 2020

  • “Only My Railgun” piano cover
  • Finish Master the Handpan – StayHome course
  • Consolidate my program about habit and productivity
  • 3x boxing classes & active recovery per week

August 2020

  • Finish Coursera: how music can change your life
  • Learn “Fly Me To The Moon” on piano
  • Start #grinding to get clients

July 2020

  • Upload 2 videos per week
  • 2-3 boxing classes per week
  • Learn how to code (started, still learning)
  • Music therapy observation and placement


June 2020

I am in a semester break now so I have all the time in the world. School’s taking a break but learning never does.

  • Music production: try making lofi song on logic pro x
  • Quarterly song composition due – create a song in whatever language I feel like using
  • Weekly mini road trip with my handpan (check out my Instagram for details)