What I'm up to 👀

I update my top values every quarter and align my actions accordingly. Here are my current core values:




They guide my decisions and behaviours, and help me achieve my goals faster.

Hi 👋🏻 

I’m Venus.

👩🏻‍💻 I’m a music therapist and content creator based in Sydney.

I play a few instruments, speak a few languages (including music!) and spend lots of time thinking about life. 

Feb 2024 Focus:

🤸🏻 ring dips

💼 expand private practice (8x private client)

🥑 body composition maintenance (4x strength training/week, whole food diet, 30g protein within 30mins of waking)

✍🏻 publish 1x video and 1x newsletter per week

💛 express love and gratitude


💌 Currently on an Instagram sabbatical. You can get to know me on a more personal level through my DO-RE-MI weekly newsletter in which I share some DOable ideas, REflection prompts and MIndfulness tools for you to live a more intentional life.