Outer Noises Off, Inner Voice On 🎧 – 3 rules from my noise-cancelling system™ for peace & mental clarity.

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Most people are afraid of being wrong or different.


The truth is, if you don’t find your unique voice and unfair advantages, you’re drown in the sea of mediocrity.


Even if you have special talents or goals that don’t fit the “standards”, you will not believe in yourself, or take any action to leverage your strengths.


Let’s look into how we can have a clear mind, develop discipline and stack up evidence in order to do great things consistently.

Today in 8 minutes or less, you’ll learn:

✔️ How REAL affirmations work (shout out to my therapist for this life-changing hack!)

✔️ How to think differently

✔️ My 3-step noise-cancelling system for peace and mental clarity

Doable ideas 💭

Stop shouting affirmations in the mirror.


Try this instead: at the end of each day, write down 3 amazing qualities you have demonstrated today.


Now you have evidence that you are, indeed, capable of doing great things.


The more evidence you collect, the more great things you will achieve because you know deep down you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Reflections 🪞

What mainstream opinion or belief do you disagree with?

Mindfulness 🧘🏻‍♀️

It’s a noisy world.

Have you ever wondered how many pieces of information we come across with whether intentionally or not? Not just those you need for work and personal life, but the news, advertisements, the midnight scrolls…

I certainly yearn for peace, silence, and some “me-time”. Preferably daily.

Maybe that’s why I love throwing myself in complete darkness and silence, floating in my own world on top of 400kg of Epsom salts once in a while.

Oh yeah, I would kill for that button to switch off all the noises in this world so I could hear my own voice better.

We cannot be fully present with all the noises around us.

We cannot enjoy life to the fullest when we aren’t being true to ourselves.

To do that, we need to develop our own noise-cancelling system.

There are 3 principles in mine:

1/ defy society script

2/ information diet

3/ reflect on core values every 3 months

My noise-cancelling system helped me stay connected with my true desire and align my behaviours towards the version of myself I wanna become.

4 years ago all I wished was to make music 24/7 that would pay the bills, and be in a place I wouldn’t feel so depressed.

I checked all the boxes using this noise-cancelling system.

After deciding the traditional 9-6 corporate life wasn’t for me (principle #1), I mapped out ways to learn digital marketing, music, writing, video editing and even coaching skills that would get me closer to becoming a music therapist/content creator (principle #2). I reduced scrolling and reading news so I could focus on honing those skills. I kept my quarterly reviews to make sure my behaviours (a.k.a. habits and routines) were aligned with my core values (principle #3 – always cycling through “freedom”, “personal growth”, “excellence” of some sort).

Develop your own headphones to block out the noises that don’t serve you. It will help you regain focus, authenticity, and inner peace as well.


Give it a go:

Ideas Worth Pondering 🧠

Perspective is everything. That is, when you can break apart something, or look at it from some new angle, it loses its power over you.
Ryan Holiday

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