What Keeps You Up At Night? 💭 (important insights upon turning 30.)

Hey friends  👋🏻

I took a week off from writing you emails as I was travelling (pre-birthday celebration!) ✈︎. Here are some insights I had during the trip and resettling into my routine:

Doable ideas 💭

We rarely think our way out of a problem. DO something instead.

Reflections 🪞

What is something you enjoy now that you never used to?

Mindfulness 🧘🏻‍♀️

I turned 30 this week.


In the past 4 years I made it a point to not go to work on my birthday and I vividly remembered what I did every year.


It hadn’t changed much – mainly carrying on with my language learning, fitness and content creation routine since I didn’t need to show up in an office.


This year, I went snorkelling on a Monday (because that’s the only legal thing to do) then did a long reflection on the beach while I watched people surf.


Since then I haven’t been sleeping well every night.


As a female who joined the 30 club, it’s easy to go down the spiral about how everything will deteriorate, time is working against you etc…


This is when your core values come in handy.


I will fight till my last breath against the society script.


That’s how I define “freedom”.


I do not have plans to have kids, get a mortgage or settle down.


My value sets the foundation and direction of the goals and lifestyle I want to achieve. I don’t need my friends and family, or the society to tell me where I go and who I need to be.


We have ideas all the time. But our inner voice knows what we truly want and desire.


This whole week I’ve been thinking, dreaming, researching.


As said earlier, there is only so much you can research and dream.


You have to experiment and experience something in order to change your belief and worldview.


This is my goal for this coming decade: prioritise life experience, and continue to reach my full potential, (hopefully) with people I love.


So… what keeps you up at nignt?


Have you created enough space and time to listen to what you truly desire?


Part of mindfulness, I believe, is the ability to observe and analyse your thoughts (if necessary).


Most of our thoughts are repetitive, like the to-do lists and worries in our mind. But once everything quiets down, your true voice will show.


It starts with an idea (”hmm that sounds good, maybe one day”), and it nags you every now and then.


In fact, that’s exactly how I pivoted my career from being an accountant to a music therapist.


My desire was to help people with what I was good at.


Accounting did not check any of the boxes.


But using music to help people feel better? Sign me up.


My inner voice led me to my dream career.


It took me 5 years to take action though… and I don’t want the same for you.


Creating space, reflecting regularly is key to find out what your inner voice says.


It’s a long email to remind you that it’s worth paying attention next time you experience insomnia… 🙂

Ideas Worth Pondering 🧠

The addition of knowledge leads to the subtraction of fear.

The addition of action leads to the subtraction of permission.

  • Brandon Zhang

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