name, vision explained and how I came up with this name

Welcome to my blog.

I’m Venus and I’m a music therapy student.

Today I want to share a story about finding magical sound in concrete jungle and how it links to my vison.

Are you ready to hang out with me? :p

story time

I was completely mind blown when I first encountered a musical instrument called handpan in 2016. Read the full story here <insert link>.

Long story short, I wanted to start a YouTube channel where I would cover pop songs using handpan. It was 2017, and took me a while to decide that it was still okay to start a channel that time. I researched about certain criteria that would make a name with good online presence:

1 sustainable

2 signature

3 able to use across all platforms

I was thinking about words related to handpan and then one idea popped up in my mind: the original name of this piece of instrument was called HANG (check out the wikipedia page here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hang_(instrument)). If I were to invite people to visit my channel to listen to my handpan music, why not naming it “hang out with me”? Then I decided to substitute “me” with “V” to add a bit of personality. That time I was like, okay later on when I had built up my online presence I could ask people to “hang out with me” on Instagram, Soundcloud, Twitter etc… If one day I were to teach handpan I could even name it “LearnWithV” or something. Brilliant isn’t it?

the vision

My vision is to walk with millennials. I want to face the struggles, quarter-life crisises and doubts with them through music. That’s why I’m taking the music therapy course and after I graduate I would serve the community. I will never forget the first time I listened to the sound of a handpan and I am eager to bring the same magic to you all.


Basically every idea I have revolves around this magical instrument and till today I’m still pleased with the result. I do wish to hang out with every one of you through my music – whether a song cover or my original music – and I hope you experience the power and magic of it. It may not be therapeutic but I hope you find peace and entertainment in it.

hang out with me

1 how did you stumble upon me? Let me know in the comment box below!

2 what’s your first impression of “hangoutwithv”?

Have a good day!


Venus x