Keep Calm, Zoom Out and Let Go 😌

Hope we’re still on track for our 2024 Q1 goals. End of March is around the corner! 😳


Of course, life isn’t just about grinding. Rest can be productive too.


This week, I noticed the early signs of burnout. So before I threw everything out the window and did anything stupid, I locked myself up in complete darkness and let myself float on a pool full of epsom salt for an hour.


Not sure about you, but I do think that rest has to be scheduled in my calendar otherwise it’s not gonna happen.


  • It’s not always about “balance”, but “integration”. Can we work hard and play hard all on the same day instead of living for the weekend?
  • What are you early signs of burnout?
  • What’s something nice you can do for yourself this week?

Today in 6 minutes or less, you’ll learn:

✔️ The quickest way to calm down from recurring negative thoughts

✔️ How to navigate between now and planned change

✔️ The art of letting go

Doable ideas 💭

Looking at your current stage of life from bird’s eye view.


Zoom out.


Most of the time, you’re okay.


Your thoughts might be racing, telling you you’re under threat, that there are many “what-ifs” out there… but you are physically okay.


When you zoom out, you might just realise that recurring thoughts, worries, don’t actually matter.


When you look at your life from outside, you gain distance, clarity, and it’s easier to figure out the next step.


P.S. these are insights from my recent float therapy 🙂

Reflections 🪞

What are the recurring themes of my overthoughts?

Mindfulness 🧘🏻‍♀️

Just between you and me… I’m about to quit my part time job in 2 weeks’ time.


That’s my first job after I gradated from my Master of Creative Music Therapy at the end of 2021.


I started off with 3 days with them, then dropped to 2 days, and now I concluded that my hypothesis of “doing something part time and building business on the side” didn’t work.


So… what’s next?


There is no next.


I don’t have my next job lined up.


I knew I needed a change. And I wasted no time in making it happen.


This awkward transition period between now and the planned change has been interesting.


My mind is so ready for the freed up time. My behaviours and routines are starting to change, but I’m physically still bound by “now”.


As I talked about in this email before, the anticipation of the event is actually also part of the journey.


Maybe it’s the best part of the journey. The planning, the getting all hyped-up, the counting down, the imagination…


I write this as a reminder for myself to still try to enjoy the moment and not to think about “I’ll be happier when …”.


We need to stop thinking that happiness is elsewhere and forget to live.


There is only now.

Ideas Worth Pondering 🧠

When you begin actively and intentionally moving forward in your life, not only does your future get better but your past does as well.
– Benjamin Hardy

Video This Week 🎥

“Letting go” is my 2024 theme.


As I finally moved out of my parents’ place 3 weeks ago, I learnt a ton about “letting go” not just physically, but also emotionally.


Expect to learn how to apply decluttering in a larger context, including your career and relationships… 🙂

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