Resources: everything I recommend

Here’s a list of resources that I found tremendously useful in my life. All categorised to suit whatever areas you are interested in.

On Productivity

  • Ali Abdaal’s youtube channel:
    • probably the YouTuber that influenced me the most since I discovered his channel in 2019. Not just on productivity, but the way I approach life as well.
  • Notion:
    • the ONE app that I can’t live without. My whole life revolves around it. I plan my days, youtube videos and write my journal, blog posts and session notes on Notion. Now I’m building a second brain on it.
  • Google Keep
    • my go-to fast capture of anything that comes to mind. It also syncs seamlessly across devices, which is super helpful when I draft Instagram captions.
  • The Motivation Myth:
    • a great book to start with if you want to understand goalsetting, behaviour and productivity.

On Mindset

On Music

  • Sam Maher:
    • of course I’m going to start off this list by recommending some handpan music. Stumbled upon this video before I bought my first handpan and I was hooked. Sam is a genius when it comes to creating his signature melody and grooves.
  • David Charrier:
    • founder of Master The Handpan handpan school. Love his way of making learning handpan easy. He got some amazing techniques. I particularly like how he taught us to recreate beats through careful listening and creative arrangement.
  • Kurt Hugo Schneider:
    • well-known musician on YouTube. He’s just a genius. He could easily whip up any cover in the kitchen, in IKEA, and even your front door bell button. Such an inspiration.