Make Your Next 90 Days Your Best Quarter Yet 🔥

Welcome to April – beginning of quarter 2 of 2024!


If you’re new here, here’s something about me: I’m huge on this 12-week year goal-setting method.


In this ever-changing world, I struggle to think long-term (anything > 2-3 years). Hence I’m a big advocate of setting a general direction then sprinting towards short-term goals. If things don’t work/I figure that’s not actually what I want, I can always pivot quickly.


This theory has worked for me – I get things done, I’m becoming my future self, and I get to experience different things in life.


Here are my 2024 Q2 goals, categorised by important life areas:

💪🏻 achieve 20% body fat % while increasing muscle mass via Slow Carb Diet and sticking to autumn workout program

💛 build a supportive community via regular catch-ups and putting myself out there more; express gratitude often

💼 hire myself via increased weekly clients & other remote income streams


And to be honest with you, I don’t feel 100% confident I will achieve all my goals.


Nothing is 100% under my control, and I can only do my best to manage and influence the result.


But that’s not gonna stop me from trying!


How did your last 90 days go? How do you set goals? What do you look forward to this quarter?


Comment below and let’s keep each other accountable 🤝

Today in 6 minutes or less, you’ll learn:

✔️ What to prioritise on

✔️ How to make the next 90 days your best quarter yet

✔️ What you can do now to achieve “overnight success”

Doable ideas 💭

Important > urgent tasks, ideally.


Leverage the short break to get some important things done instead of chasing your tail 🙂

Reflections 🪞

A few prompts for your 90-day reflection:

  • Start list: things I want to start doing but don’t have time assigned for them yet
  • Stop list: things I should really stop doing
  • The experience list: what experiences do I want to create in the next quarter?
  • The discomfort list: how do I want to get out of my comfort zone in the next quarter?


P.S. I did not come up with these great prompts. I forgot where I got them from 😕 but they sit on my “short quarterly reflection prompts if you don’t have time” Notion template for years.

Mindfulness 🧘🏻‍♀️

The only time to take action is now.

Not the past, not the future.

As productive as I’d like to think of myself, I’m not immune to procrastination and slow behavioural change.

There is no overnight success.

It took me 4 months of consistent training to get my 1st pull up.

It took 10+ therapy sessions to understand my attachment style and unmet chilhood needs so that I could show up better for people around me.

It took me 20+ years to learn and hone my piano skills to the point I could switch career “overnight”.

Success, however you define it, looks glamorous and sexy outside.

Behind the curtains, it’s everything but the opposite: put in the work every day, fail often, deal with your self-doubt.

Often times when we’re deep in the mud, we cannot see progress.

But there lies the beauty of baby steps: compound effect.

One day I realised I could pull myself up without assistance.

One day I found confidence in my own skin.

One day I became my future self by being able to make an impact on someone’s life via music.

I cannot tell you the exact day I achieved my goals.

But the baby steps, the slow behavioural changes shaped me as a new person with new skills and confidence.

Top 3 “hacks” to create a sense of urgency:

  1. Set artificial deadlines: we behave differently when the situation demands us to. I would not be able to post one video per week if I didn’t set a Friday deadline.
  2. Visualise the negative outcomes: remind yourself of what’s at stake if you don’t act now. Sometimes I channel my “jumping to the worst case scenario” superpower to push myself.
  3. Set small rewards: have that chocolate after you finish the task. Keep your motivation high.

Start now.

Day one, not one day.

Ideas Worth Pondering 🧠

Most people have an insufficient reason for action. The pain isn’t painful enough. It’s a nice-to-have, not a must-have.
– Tim Ferriss

Video This Week 🎥

I documented my 6 months of Slow Carb Diet journey last year and finally revealed the process of slow body recomposition.


More muscles, less body fat, better skin, more energy?


It’s not a dream.


Watch my transformation journey here 👇🏻


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