Make Both Hard Work and Self-care Fun (and Sustainable) 🤸🏻

I encountered a writer’s block this week.


When I first started this newsletter irregularly in 2020, I was skeptical how many “doable ideas” and “mindfulness stuff” I could possibly come up with. Well here we are in 2024 and I seem to be doing fine somehow.


That said, I really would love your feedback and suggestion if there’s any particular topic you’d like to see more of. Simply comment below. 🙂


What else is brewing for me:

  🎥 I’m committed to posting 2 videos per week this month instead of one. That’s doubling my output, and to be honest, I’m now busy playing catchup despite quitting a part time job already.

  🏋️ New workout routine is going well. Earlier this year I influenced one of my friends/colleagues to kick start his workout habit. We met every week at the park, he followed a simple workout program I designed for him (unsolicited PT advice 🤨), and last weekend we celebrated our Q1 progress with a cheeky Korean BBQ feast #gains.


Whenever you try to change something, or start a new habit, you will inevitably encounter resistance. It takes time to adapt, build new skill and progress.


Trust the process.

Today in 5 minutes or less, you’ll learn:

✔️ Underrated hack to make your journey more fun (and increase success rate)

✔️ Why meditation isn’t for everyone

✔️ How to add more values and feel more fulfilled in life

Doable ideas 💭

Partner up.


Having someone to keep you accountable is underrated.


Inspired by my friend’s new fitness journey, this week’s doable idea is a question for you:


Who can help you achieve your goals faster, or keep you on track?


I have been in the journey long enough I’m pretty self-motivated. I actually prefer working out alone, and I don’t mind either the park or at home.


But if you’re new to something, having someone next to you offers more support and fun.

Reflections 🪞

What new skills would make me feel accomplished and fulfilled?

Mindfulness 🧘🏻‍♀️

My meditation app subscription is going to expire in 2 weeks.


The last time I did a guided meditation was in early February, in an attempt to start the meditation habit riding the new year momentum.


It did not last.


The truth is, it’s not my preferred path to achieve the goal of “be better at managing thoughts”.


I believe in mindfulness techniques, not necessarily meditation.


Yes, I’m a therapist, and I’m someone who struggles to sit down and do nothing. I mean, I don’t even own a TV.


How do I wind down and create space for myself?


If you really think about it, all mindfulness techniques require us to “be present”.


I define that as “body and mind alignment”.


That makes practising mindfulness a lot easier.


In my case, it’s water and workout.


Swimming, flotation tank, or just a hot bath; hanging upside down, lifting heavy.


I have to be present (or risk serious injuries in some cases).


There is no space or time for me to wander around in the past or the future.


As far as I’m concerned, I’m not stopping these mindfulness/self-care activities anytime soon.


I genuinely enjoy them.


So I cancelled my meditation subscription.

Ideas Worth Pondering 🧠

In a complex system such as life, where you have limited visibility of the chains of cause and consequences, you are better off using trial and error. Tinkering and experimenting is a more efficient investment of your time than following a set path of learning which assumes an intrinsic value in specific skills and ignores the non-linear way life works.
– Anne-Laure Le Cunff

Video This Week 🎥

This killer combo keeps me on track of all my goals every 90 days.


Learn how I use the “TTT method” (Test, Track, Tweak) and Traffic Light System to set goals and keep myself accountable 👇🏻


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