Embrace Resistance, Find Harmony in Chaos with THIS Tool

The recent life changes (moving out + quitting job) led me to a state of solitude and… confusion.


The feeling isn’t foreign at all. Based on track record, it would take me around one month to rest, recalibrate and realise being idle doesn’t suit me at all, and jump into new commitment.


The thing is, we don’t need to repeat the cycle and make the stories we tell ourselves/identities a self-fulfilling prophecy.


I’ve spent way too much time chasing after clearer but lesser goals, instead of pouring my heart and soul into the unknown, going on the path less travelled.


Unknown future, unknown risks and rewards.


What I’m trying to say is, I don’t have life all figured out and I’m writing to you as a guide, not a guru.


My job title would influence my worldview, but that’s not my only identity.


I’m just someone who documents my life experiments, shares findings and hopes to illuminate your path in some way. 🙂

Today in 4 minutes or less, you’ll learn:

✔️ How to find more useful, practical, doable ideas

✔️ How to spot areas in which you’re prone to procrastination

✔️ The power of music

Doable ideas 💭

Think out loud.


You will realise how funny, irrationale, or brilliant your thoughts are.


Talking it out, or writing it down makes it more concrete. Real.


That provides immediate feedback on whether to take action on that thought.


Yep – find your doable ideas like that.

Reflections 🪞

Where am I feeling the Resistance?


(Resistance can be anything that rejects instant gratification in favour of long-term growth, e.g. getting off the couch and going out for a walk instead of order takeaway food)

Mindfulness 🧘🏻‍♀️

It’s World Music Therapy Week! 🎵🎉


As a music therapist, a big part of my job is keep advocating how music actually improves our well-being, a.k.a. the non-musical goals such as motor, emotional, communication, social skills and more.


Music isn’t just a backdrop to our lives, it’s a powerful mood-altering tool. It can absolutely facilitate emotional wellness and self-discovery.


Watch my new video here that underscores the unique way music can guide us through understanding our emotions.


By being mindful of how we use music, we can intentionally shift our emotional state, setting the tone for a more harmonious life.

Ideas Worth Pondering 🧠

Architect, writer, and inventor Buckminster Fuller on creating change: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Video This Week 🎥

Transform your daily routine with a powerful, five-minute journaling method courtesy of Dr. Andrew Huberman ✍🏻


I started adopting his journaling prompt since 1 Jan this year and have felt the positive changes in my health, career and relationships due to increased self-awareness.


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